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Frequently Asked Questions

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Cost depends on number and size of stumps, as well as depth required. There is a minimum charge of $100.00 plus GST. However extra stumps may be as little as $10.00 each. All quotes are free of charge and can often be determined over the phone. Give us a call to get a quote.
Most definitely, in fact we specialise in awkward access. I have recently added a portable machine to my fleet, weighing only 40 KG it can be lifted into any position, around narrow gates, stairs, raised garden beds etc. Where other conventional stumping machinery has often encountered problems this one has no trouble. This machine (Alpine Magnum) can handle large stumps with ease and grind to a depth of 600mm (2 feet plus) allowing for planting in same spot.
Our machines can grind to approx. 600mm (2 feet) below ground level, providing plenty of room for re planting, however if not planting in same place, this depth is not necessary, and cost can be reduced.
Yes. Our machines can grind the stump bowl right out, and the remaining mulch mixed will soil is usually fine to plant straight into.
This depends on size of stump. There will always be an amount of mulch type material remaining, most of this we rake back into the hole where the stump was, and any remaining residue can be put into any surrounding gardens. Removal of mulch is also an option and can be discussed at time of quote.
No. After grinding the tree will not return
No. All machinery is petrol powered, and all work can be undertaken without owner being present.
Yes. A close quote can often be determined over the phone and a fixed quote will always be supplied before any work is undertaken.
Yes, we have public liability insurance up to $2,000,000. However no responsibility is accepted for damage to any underground service pipes. We rely on owner's knowledge with regards to this; we do of course take as much care as possible. Most service pipes are well below most grinding depths.
The job can often be done same day if urgent, if not then within two or three days.
No. I am responsible for all machine operation, but will have a labourer with me